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It's extremely easy for anyone to edit, or even create, a page on a wiki. Just press the "Edit" button at the top of the page, make your changes, and press "Save page". Don't forget to write an edit summary!

When creating pages on VocalSynth Wiki, the only thing you need to add at first is a small description of whatever it is you're adding. Before creating a page, please first consider whether it's a page that makes sense for this wiki, or whether it would make more sense for the page to be on a similar wiki, such as the Vocaloid Wikia, UTAU Wiki 2.0, or other such wikis.

Editing rules

The reason these rules are in place is to prevent an editing war over these things. If you make an edit that goes against these rules, it's likely it won't be reverted but rather fixed by someone else later on.

Spelling, grammar, and similar issues

In terms of spelling and grammar, we don't really ask for much. All we ask is that you use British spelling, and that you use the Oxford comma. Our preferred shortform date formatting is YYYY/MM/DD, and our preferred longform date format is Month DD, YYYY (e.g. January 22nd, 2019)

Names should always be written in the western name order. This means given name first, then family name second. For example, you would write "Miku Hatsune" instead of "Hatsune Miku".

"Voicebank" should be treated as one word.

In the case of program or company names, please write them in the way they are officially stylised. For example, write "VOCALOID" instead of "Vocaloid".

Citing sources

References should be written using the Chicago reference style. Some existing pages already use an altered form of the MLA reference style. If you see a page that still uses that format, please change it to the Chicago format.

Page Content

Voicebank pages

VocalSynth Wiki allows for creation of pages for voicebanks so long as they mostly contain technical information about said voicebank. Cultural information may be added as well, but this must not be the main focus of the page. UTAU voicebanks must be considered notable in some way for a page for them to be created. Good examples of notable UTAU voicebanks would be Teto Kasane, as she is an extremely popular UTAU, or, Hachi Makune, as she is voiced by the person who later went on to voice the VOCALOID RUBY, and offering technical information for both voicebanks can serve as an interesting way to compare the two.


Voicebank pages should, where possible, contain a soflège as a quick way of demonstrating how a voicebank sounds. UTAU soflège renders should be done with Moresampler set as both the resampler and wavtool, and the latest version of Moresampler can be downloaded here. Currently available soflège project files are as follows:

VOCALOID1: File:ENG soflege.mid, File:JPN soflege.mid

VOCALOID2: File:ENG soflege.vsq, File:JPN soflege.vsq

VOCALOID3&4: File:ENG soflege.vsqx, File:JPN soflege.vsqx, File:ESP soflege.vsqx, File:KOR soflege.vsqx File:MAN soflege.vsqx

VOCALOID5: File:ENG soflege.vpr, File:JPN soflege.vpr, File:ESP soflege.vpr, File:KOR soflege.vpr File:MAN soflege.vpr

Synthesizer V: File:ENG ARPA soflege.s5p File:JPN soflege.s5p

Credit goes to MeerkatQueen on Vocaloid Wikia for the VOCALOID soflège files. Soflège files for other programs are based on the VOCALOID soflège files.